Career Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your career?

Do you need determining your best career path? Is the job search process overwhelming?  Do you want help with resumes/cover letters/LinkedIn? Need help preparing for interviews? Do you need to know what certifications to pursue next to reach your career goals?

You could benefit from a career coach.

You could benefit from a career coach.

Rachel Watson and Jessica Murphy provide career coaching to help:

  • Enter your tech career
  • Determine your career destination
  • Get the job offer

Career Coaches Myths:

My Career Coach will find my dream job.

Reality: Career Coach are not recruiters. Career Coaches help you align your talents, abilities, interests and values and suggest job search strategies while helping you explore your strengths and value.

I can do this on my own, what do I need a Career Coach for?

Reality: People spend a majority of their life at work and many people make poor-fit career choices that lead to apathy, being disengaged, depressed or anxious.  A Career Coach help you align your talents and passion to a career path.

Career Coaching is too expensive or too time consuming.

Reality: The cost of making the wrong career choice is far greater than coaching fees, especially when you consider the average person spends 50 years working. Since Career Coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and the coach is there to help guide you in your career strategy.

Reach out to us to learn more about our career coaching program (put Career Coaching in the subject line).

Training/Educational Consulting

Organizations of any size can benefit from training and educational consulting offerings backed by a founder with a masters degree in Adult Education and Training focused on working with individuals with different learning styles.

100DaysofTrailhead is a consultancy focused on supporting continuous learning to assist individuals and groups in business roles and technology roles to break barriers and learn technical skills in order to better support their organizations and advance their individual careers. Organizations can use our training and educational consulting to improve organizational outcomes for their workforce. Jessica Murphy has more than 15 years of teaching and training experience educating individuals back and groups from various backgrounds and learning styles backed by a Master’s degree in Adult Training and Education. Our team understands how to reach diverse audiences to inspire, to build excitement and to guide individuals and teams on their Salesforce learning journeys. Both founders are also proficient in English and American Sign Language.

Reach out to us to learn more about our training and educational consulting (put Training/Educational Consulting in the subject line).

Professional Speaking

Jessica Murphy and Rachel Watson have 5+ years of global professional speaking experience on technology topics, inspirational topics and diversity, equity,  and inclusion topics for small (25 participants) – large (200K+ participants) conferences, groups and organizations.  Speaking accomplishments including, but not limited to:

  • Dreamforce
  • TrailheadX
  • ASU W.P. Carey School of Business
  • Perimeter 83: Women in Leadership
  • Salesforce: Connections
  • Salesforce: Service Edge Summit
  • Midwest Dreamin’
  • Supermums Stronger Women Summit
  • Salesforce Admin Podcast
  • Salesforce Developer Podcast
  • Forcelandia
  • Witness Success
  • Amplify
  • New Delhi Salesforce Developer Group
  • Gurgaon User Group
  • Netherlands Non-Profit Group
  • Toronto User Group
  • Portland User Group
  • Portland WIT Group
  • Women In Tech Developers
  • Girl Develop It
  • Women Who Code