The official #100DaysofTrailhead with WITDEVS starts January 1st each year. #100Days is a way to get your career off to a wonderful start for the New Year. For this week, we would like look back to 2019 for some inspiration on your path. Remember to start each day anew and learn. We’re happy that you’re on the journey with us.


Bhavana Singh (MVP | RAD Women Code coach) and Bonny Hinners (MVP | RAD Women Code coach) were our 2019 first place winners for #100DaysofAppBuilding! Learn more about them here, and how Bonny resolves being stuck.

Bhavana Singh

Bonnie Hinners

Nadina Lisbon was our 2019 second place winner for #100DaysofAppBuilding! She is a brilliant developer and a RAD Women Code coach. Learn more about what she’s doing her here:

Nadina Lisbon

Zari Zahra is one of our #100DaysofAppBuilding guides for 2020. She is Co-Founder, Head of Product and Technology at Spekit. Learn more about her here:

 Zari Zahra



Anna Loughnan is an MVP who states that the 2019 challenge was life-changing for her. She became a Lightning Champion, completed several super badges and got 5 certifications! Learn more here:

Anna Loughnan


Thank you to everyone on this list for giving us 2020 vision to keep going!


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