2022: #100DaysofLearning Guidelines + Join Top Trailblazers (So Your Progress is Counted)

2022: #100DaysofLearning Guidelines + Join Top Trailblazers (So Your Progress is Counted)

Ready to start your 2022 #100DaysofLearning journey? Find the rules here.

How Do I Get Started with #100DaysofLearning?

Step 1) Start 2022 by filling out the following forms: #100DaysofTrailhead Competition Form.
The #100DaysofTrailhead Competition Form will automatically tweet the following: “I’m publicly committing to the #100DaysOfTrailhead Competition starting 1/1/22! Join me! 100DaysofTrailhead.com ”

Step 2) All #100DaysofLearning participants must register for Top Trailblazers under the 100DaysofTrailhead Community and sign up for the #100DaysofLearning 2022 event (instructions below).

Step 3) Each participant spends 1 hour per day focused on building his/her/their Salesforce skills to support his/her/their overall Salesforce learning journey for a duration of 100 consecutive days. (Ideas: focus on the following skills: admin, developer, BA, consultant or architect, study and achieve certifications, #journeytoCTA, learn a new coding language, etc.)

Step 4) Tweet your progress daily. Sample Tweet: R1-D1: I completed this badge #100DaysofLearning @100DayTrailhead @WITDEVS ) (see #2 below)

Additional Information:

1.  If you have not done so, get set up prior to January 1, 2022. #100DaysofLearning registration here and here.
2. During the competition Tweet your progress daily. Sample Tweet: R1-D1: I completed…badge #100DaysofLearning @100DayTrailhead @WITDEVS
3. Glossary for daily tweets: R1 = Round 1. If you have participated once already you would write “R2 – Day__: This is what I did for my hour. @100DayTrailhead @WITDEVS @AmplifyNGO”. D1 = Day 1. D2 = Day 2, etc.
4. You can add a personal challenge. This is not an actual part of the competition, but is a great way to add personal goals! Here are some additional @mentions and hashtags for Twitter. These include but are not limited to:



Sample Tweet :  R1-Day1: I completed an hour of posture strengthening yoga today..  #100DaysofYoga @100DayTrailhead

Top Trailblazers Tutorials:

  1. Join Top Trailblazers tutorial:

2. Join #100DaysofTrailhead 2022 Event

(Make sure you are signing up the official “2022 #100DaysofTrailhead” event!):

  • Click on the #100DaysofTrailhead Community with our 100DaysofTrailhead logo.
  • Click on the EVENT tab and sign up for the event: “#100DaysofLearning 2022”
  • This is the proper Event:
    #100DaysofLearning 2022
    2022-01-01 00:00
    2022-04-10 23:59

3. Push Badges to Top Trailblazers tutorial:

4. If you need additional help with Top Trailblazers, please reach out to Johan Karlsteen.

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