How Will I Benefit from Joining #100DaysOfTrailhead?

How Will I Benefit from Joining #100DaysOfTrailhead?

100 Days of Trailhead was based on the #100DaysofCode concept created by Alexander Kallaway. He started 100 Days of Code to improve his skills. He encourages participants to publicly state their commitment, code for 100 days and encourage friends to participate. Jessica Murphy and Rachel Watson thought this was a fantastic idea for themselves and for the Trailblazer Community. In 2017, Jessica and Rachel invited WITDEVS, women in tech, allies and everyone learning Salesforce to participate.

100 Days of Trailhead 2018 was wonderful (as well as challenging/frustrating at times)!  Community members accomplished much during the 100 Days!

Community members tweeted progress and accomplishments more than 650 times.


  • Became certified/got new certifications
  • New jobs

The 100 Days was simply amazing!

100 Days of Trailhead started as 100 Days of Code with WITDEVS. However, Jessica received feedback that community members wanted the challenge to be more than a coding challenge. They wanted to be able to learn and improve skills on Trailhead, to learn and improve coding skills and to build.

In response, we changed our name to #100DaysOfTrailhead  in 2018 for community members to include administrators, declarative developers, programmatic developers, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be.

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