About Us

#100DaysOfTrailhead History

100DaysofTrailhead began as a yearly competition in 2018 to encourage continuous learning, personal growth and career advancement.  The yearly competition begins every year on January 1st and lasts for 100 days.

Over the course of competitions, participants asked founders and Salesforce MVPs, Rachel Watson and Jessica Murphy (M.Ed), for resources related to Salesforce, general development, architecture and Salesforce products, so we began our blog with a resource list to help the community on their learning paths.

100DaysofTrailhead has grown into a resource for continuous learning for individuals and corporations. In addition to the yearly competition, we offer discounts for educational materials, career coaching, speaking, and a diverse Youtube channel reflecting the diversity of the Salesforce community. We serve with a focus on the power of education that supports learners from different backgrounds and with different learning styles.



Jessica Murphy

Co-Founder, 100DaysofTrailhead

Salesforce MVP | WITDEVS, Co-leader | East First Consulting, Edupreneur


Rachel Watson

Co-Founder, 100DaysofTrailhead

Salesforce MVP | WITDEVS, Co-leader | Accenture


Coraliz Dereta

Salesforce Consultant, Front-End Web Developer & Graphic Designer

100 Days of Trailhead Volunteer, ITequality