Welcome to 100 Days of Trailhead

Welcome to 100 Days of Trailhead

Welcome to #100DaysofTrailhead

Ready to start the journey? Learn how to start in 2020: Getting Started in 2020

2020 Updates:

100 Days participants will be able to choose your adventure! With the help of Amplify, Spekit, M7 Unlimited and Kelly Walker, Trailblazers who go on the 100Daysof… journey can choose a focus.

Track 1:

The Learning Track

This path is for Trailblazers who want to learn on Trailhead or from coding resources for 100 Days. Marisa Lopez (Amplify) and Lauren Dunne (SF Ohana Coffee) will be your guides for this path. Join the leaderboard from Top Trailblazers. There will be fantastic prizes for leading learners at the end of the 100 Days. Learn more: 100DaysofLearning

Track 2:

The App Building Track

This path is for Trailblazers who are ready to use what they have learned to create and build an app that has AppExchange potential. Miranda Ragland (M7 Unlimited), Zari Zahra (Spekit), Rachel Watson (WITDEVS) and Jessica Murphy (Equalitechnology) will be your guides for this path. Those who choose this path will be awarded fantastic prizes from the best app at the end of the 100 Days. Learn more: 100DaysofAppBuilding

Track 3:

The Automation Track

This path is for people who want to learn and improve skills in automation. This path will have 1 blog post per month. Kelly Walker (Salesforce) and Rakesh Gupta (Automation Champion) will be your guides for this path. Each post will include a monthly Trailmix + the Superbadge that you will be working toward. Each person who completes the monthly Trailmix and the automation Superbadge will be entered to win prizes for this track. January’s Post: Back to Basics Automation January 2020

Track 4:

The Hybrid Track

This path is for people who want to learn on Trailhead, improve in automation and/or build and app. You would be participating in 2 or more, benefitting from all and potentially earning prizes for all. But, be ready because this path could be a commitment of 2 hours or more each day!

Let’s make #100DaysofTrailhead in 2020 a success! #soaring20s


2019 updates:

1. Our name changed from 100 Days of Code with WITDEVS to 100 Days of Trailhead. Developers will still be able to code, but we are changing to 100 Days of Trailhead to include administrators, declarative developers, programmatic developers, people on the road to CTA and architects.

2. WITDEVS will be leading 100 Days of Trailhead in conjunction with sister organizations Ladies Be Architects (LBA) and Amplify for 2019.


Part 1:

We would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the organizations who helped to make #100DaysofTrailhead a success in 2019.

Thank you to:

  • Women in Tech Developers
  • Ladies Be Architects
  • Amplify
  • M7 Unlimited

Part 2:

We are excited to announce supporting organizations for #100DaysofTrailhead 2020:

  • Women in Tech Developers
  • Amplify
  • M7 Unlimited
  • Spekit
  • Equalitechnology
  • Automation Champion
  • SFOhanaCoffee



100 Days of Trailhead began in 2018. 

Our first year was focused on code since WITDEVS is a group focused on women developers. Along the way, we discovered that the Trailblazer community wanted more out of the 100 Days. Salesforce professionals were interested in Trailhead, learning to code and building! In response, we changed our name and the way we are doing 100 Days.

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