What is the 100 Days of Trailhead Competition

What is the 100 Days of Trailhead Competition

What is 100DaysofTrailhead? A competition? Salesforce Educational videos & resources? Career Coaching? A Salesforce educational consultancy? Training? The answer is yes to all the above + the competition begins again on January 1st.

In this video, Rachel and Jessica discuss 100DaysofTrailhead and WITDEVS.

Rachel Watson, Salesforce MVP
twitter | https://bit.ly/3kLvJD3
linkedin | https://bit.ly/3hSl1Zy

Jessica Murphy, M.Ed., Salesforce MVP
twitter | https://bit.ly/2RSkqMG
linkedin | https://bit.ly/30hCO6z

Links in the video + bonus:
Learn on Trailhead

The 100DaysofTrailhead Competition Begins 1/1/21

Are you ready to learn new skills, take your skills to the next level, learn to code, work on your #roadtocta, and/or build on the Salesforce platform for the #100DaysofTrailhead challenge starting 1/1/21?

100DaysofTrailhead has 2 paths for 2021: #100DaysofLearning & #100DaysofAppBuilding.
You can focus on one path or both. Ready to get started? Let’s go…

Required for Everyone: #100DaysofTrailhead Competition Form and the #100DaysofTrailhead 2021 Form.

Required for #100DaysofLearning only: register for Top Trailblazers under the 100DaysofTrailhead Community and sign up for the #100DaysofLearning 2021 event.

Required for #100DaysofAppBuilding only: Participants must complete the App Exchange Partner Basics badge and sign up to become a partner.

Find the Rules here.
Find the #100DaysofLearning guidelines here.
Find the #100DaysofAppBuilding guidelines here.

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Learn on Pluralsight:
Pluralsight Premium Plan
Salesforce Administration
Apex Academy: Absolute Beginners Guide to Coding Salesforce
Formula Fundamentals in Salesforce

Study with Focus on Force:
Focus on Force: https://focusonforce.com/ + enter coupon code
Big Bundle (all study guides + practice exams) – coupon code BB100
Administrator Bundle (Admin and Advanced Study Guides + Practice Exams) – coupon code
Developer Bundle (Javascript, PD1 and PD2 Study Guides + Practice Exams) – coupon code DB100
Consultant Bundle (Sales, Service and Experience Cloud Study Guides + Practice Exams) – coupon code
Architect Bundle (DA and SVD Study Guides + Practice Exams) – coupon code

Learn with Edureka classes:
CRM Salesforce for Beginners
Enroll Now for CRM Salesforce for Beginners By Edureka and Learn the World’s Best CRM

Mastering GIT and Github
Enroll Now for Git and GitHub By Edureka

Salesforce Admin and App Builder:
Enroll Now for Salesforce Certification Training: Admin 201 and App Builder By Edureka and increase your chances to get hired by Top Tech Companies

Salesforce Platform Developer 1:
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Enroll Now for Tableau Training and Certification By Edureka

Learn Blockchain with Blockchain Council
Learn Blockchain with Instructor-led Blockchain class
Certified Blockchain Expert™ Instructor-Led Training

Learn: Find Salesforce Books on Amazon

🔲 Spectacular Specs & How to Write Them with Roan Bear:
🔲 100DaysofTrailhead: Who We Are and How We Got Here
🔲 Top 5 Reasons You Should Learn Salesforce

Were these tips helpful to you? Are you going to implement one or more of these tips?
Also, what would you like to see in future videos?

👇🏼Post in the comments section👇🏼


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