Intro to Lightning Aura Components + JavaScript Part I in Salesforce with Zayne Turner

Intro to Lightning Aura Components + JavaScript Part I in Salesforce with Zayne Turner

Do you want to know more about lightning and Javascript in Salesforce? In this part I video from 2018, Zayne Turner, Director of Architect Relations at Salesforce, will be covering the elements of Lightning and JavaScript which will help you build and grow as a developer and architect.

Update: Sessions 1 & 2 covered some basic concepts about JavaScript programming, applied to the Aura framework. More recent materials are available on Trailhead, with the Learn to Work with JavaScript trail.

Initially recorded January 2018

Our Speaker: Zayne Turner
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Learn on Trailhead

Beginners: Learn JavaScript on CodeAcademy: Learn JavaScript on CodeAcademy

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Learning Salesforce Lightning Application Development: Build and test Lightning Components for Salesforce Lightning Experience using SalesforceDX
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Are you new to Javascript and Lightning Aura Components?
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