Happy New Year and Happy 100DaysofTrailhead 2021

Happy New Year and Happy 100DaysofTrailhead 2021

Rachel and Jessica created a special video to wish you a happy new year and tell you more about the 100DaysofTrailhead competition.100DaysofTrailhead is an awesome way to work on career resolutions like:

  • Taking skills to the next level
  • Building apps on the Salesforce platform
  • Getting certifications
  • Becoming a ranger or multi-range
  • Getting Superbadges
  • Learning Code
  • Working on your #roadtocta

Recorded December, 2020

instagram | https://bit.ly/2FXuSA3
twitter | https://bit.ly/32VkYYo
facebook | https://bit.ly/3eHdc8M

Trailhead: https://sforce.co/337sQ9H


– The Rules: https://bit.ly/3avLg89
– Find the #100DaysofAppBuilding guidelines here: https://bit.ly/37x6G2J
– AppExchange Partner Basics = https://sforce.co/3aYF7BC
– If you are working with a team for the app building path, remember to assemble them asap.

– The Rules: https://bit.ly/3avLg89
– Find the #100DaysofLearning guidelines + Top Trailblazers tutorial here:

To help, we created a FREE Goal Planning Guide: https://bit.ly/3o5cHcO

If you need additional resources to accomplish your goals for 2021, check out our resources page: https://bit.ly/2WXWREG

We wish you a happy, healthy, and rewarding New Year and 100DaysofTrailhead!

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What 100DaysofTrailhead path are you taking for 2021? #100DaysofAppBuilding or #100DaysofLearning?
Declare your goals for 2021 because we would love to cheer for you.
Also, what would you like to see in future videos?
👇🏼Post in the comments section👇🏼


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