2021: #100DaysofAppBuilding Guidelines

2021: #100DaysofAppBuilding Guidelines

For 2021, we are adding some additional guidelines to the #100DaysofAppBuilding path to encourage the community to create their own apps with the intention of publishing on the App Exchange. This is meant to encourage you to give app building a try. All skill levels are welcome and will be considered accordingly. You can build an app by yourself or with a team. Since the intent is for your app to be on the AppExchange, you will need to follow the rules.

How Do I Get Started with #100DaysofAppBuilding?

Step 1) Start 2021 by filling out the following forms: #100DaysofTrailhead Competition Form and the #100DaysofTrailhead 2021 Form.
The #100DaysofTrailhead Competition Form will automatically tweet the following: “I’m publicly committing to the #100DaysOfTrailhead Competition starting 1/1/21! Join me! 100DaysofTrailhead.com ”

Step 2) Do you want to work alone or with a team. If you choose a team, pick them now. Teams can be up to 3 people.

Step 3) You must complete the AppExchange Partner Basics badge and sign up to become a partner.

Step 4) Work on your product for a minimum of 1 hour every day for 100 days.

Step 5) Ensure that your product is accessible to the judges via a Salesforce org. you can add them as a user, your own GitHub, or your own Heroku. (Apps you have built for your work will be disqualified.) For the purposes of judging this contest, your project must be deliverable as an unmanaged package. Keep in mind that your product will need to be a managed package in order to publish your solution on AppExchange.

Step 6) Tweet your progress daily. Sample Tweet: R1-D1: I spent an hour writing LWC for the service app I am building #100DaysofAppBuilding @100DayTrailhead @WITDEVS @Amplify) (see #3 below)

Step 7) Complete App Submission Form

Additional Information:

1. You can choose to work on both paths (#100DaysofLearning and/or #100DaysofAppBuilding)
2. Zari Zahra will be one of the guest judges for the #100DaysofAppBuilding path. (Other judges to be named soon.) For this path, you will work on an app that can be submitted on the AppExchange. Take what you know and your innovative/creative ideas to build an app!
3. Glossary for daily tweets: R1 = Round 1. If you have participated once already you would write “R2 – Day__: This is what I did for my hour. @100DayTrailhead @WITDEVS @AmplifyNGO”. D1 = Day 1. D2 = Day 2, etc.
4. You can add a personal challenge. This is not an actual part of the competition, but is a great way to add personal goals! Here are some additional @mentions and hashtags for Twitter. These include but are not limited to:



Sample Tweet :  R1-Day1: I completed an hour of posture strengthening yoga today..  #100DaysofYoga @100DayTrailhead

App Building Advice:

A. Start your app building journey with this Trailhead: https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/isvforce_basics
B. Join the Partner Community. This will be used in order to spin up the Dev/Scratch/Packaging Orgs used for your project.
C. Create a unique user name:
The username format should reflect the name of your company. Examples: yourname@examplecompany.com or jessica@jessicasapps.com

Want to know more about managed packages?

Manage packages:

Free vs. Paid Solutions:

A. Partners may distribute free applications to existing SFDC customers
B. Partner’s distribution of free applications to existing SFDC customers does not require Partner to pay SFDC fees other than Program Fees
C. Free means that customers can install, access, and fully use the features without paying
D. An application is NOT free if t is provided under a “freemium” payment model or if it requires the purchase of another application from the applicable Partner
E. SFDC reserves the right in its sole discretion and at any time to determine whether an application is free

More information on the Partner Program Policy:

Demo Video Format

* Intro ( =<1 minute )
* ( 1-2 minute demo )
* What does the app do?
* What problem does it solve?
* ( 1-2 minutes conclusion )
* Why is it better than your competitors?

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